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July 9, 2018

Those words swirl around in my head…and I need to hear them at the times I feel most diminished.

"Remember who you are.” These are the words my husband says to me when I feel most vulnerable and when I most need to hear the words, because I forget. I forget who I am sometimes. 

How is it we define who we are? Through our family-of-origin? Our job title? Our role in the family?

Difficult times can challenge our self-worth. It's important to remember what's important, what we hold dear, what we value: I value honesty, compassion, trustworthiness, inclusiveness, forgiveness. I carry these values with me. It's part of who I am. I’m also a spiritual person, a person of worth.

There are times when it's hard to remember we have worth, that we have many gifts. Challenges often provide opportunities for reflection and for growth...and a time to "remember who you are."


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