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Coping Strategies for Daily Life and Difficult Times

Grief and Loss Material for Grief Support Group Facilitators:

(Beginning Again: Tools for the Journey through Grief)

Why We Started Greenleaf Resources, LLC

From Loss and Tragedy...

While grief support groups were not common place in the '80's and '90's, we began offering a grief support group for spouses in 1989 at the Central Oklahoma Cancer Center in Oklahoma City prior to the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Living in Oklahoma City at that time provided additional incentive and the need to continue to provide grief support groups and trauma counseling to those impacted by this unimaginable event.

To Finding Meaning...

Coping with grief and loss (whether from the death of a loved one or losses due to a life transition) takes time and often entails processing the meaning of the loss. It usually involves expending a great deal of effort to reintegrate into daily activities. Often the guidance of a professional is needed to navigate through such challenging times. Greenleaf Resources offers classes and workshops for survivors and caregivers as well as grief and loss material for professionals.

Integrative Modalities

From initially facilitating grief support groups, training other professionals to lead Beginning Again workshops and providing trauma counseling and workshops, we have moved toward offering wellness workshops and integrative modalities for survivors and caregivers that are designed to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system with the goal of improving the quality of life.


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