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Mindfulness Meditation, Grief Support,  Stress Relief,

Therapeutic Drumming, Bibliotherapy, and More...

To schedule any of the following workshops at your favorite place, contact

Facilitator Sherry Martin, LCSW at 719-505-2879 or 

for information about available dates and cost.

Workshop fees include group facilitation, printing and any travel expense. 

Beginning Again:

Tools for the Journey through Grief

This eight-week grief workshop is for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one. Topics covered include:

Normal grief reactions
Misconceptions about grief
How past losses and lessons learned impact current grieving
Coping strategies
Finding meaning in the loss
How to move forward

Participants will receive a ninety-page manual that contains numerous tools that can be used immediately and in the days to come. The group is open to adults who have experienced the death of a loved one, whether it was due to an accident, sudden death or lengthy illness.

Wellness Workshops

Who doesn't have stress? These 90-minute stand-alone workshops focus on a variety of coping strategies designed to reduce stress and improve quality of life:

Self Care, Selfishness or Self Indulgence? Taking Care of Yourself Without Guilt 

Managing Anxiety (Using CBT Techniques)

Overcoming Depression
Perfectionism isn't the "Perfect" Way to Handle Things
Potpourri of Stress Reduction Strategies

Expressive Writing

This workshop explores how writing can often be more beneficial than talking when dealing with trauma or stressful experiences. This integrative therapy has been found to result in improvement in both physical and psychological well-being.

Self-Care, Selfishness or Self-Indulgence?


It’s easy to confuse taking care of yourself with feeling selfish or self-indulgent. Many of us have been taught to care for others but don’t know how to practice self-care or if we attempt to do so, then we often feel guilty.

This workshop will provide tools to:

    Identify what self-care is and what it isn’t

    Pinpoint barriers to self-care

    Develop coping strategies and a self-care plan

Mindfulness Meditation

An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and Creative Expression

This four-week Integrative Therapy workshop focuses on learning about and experiencing the benefits of mindfulness meditation in conjunction with the expressive technique of meditative coloring .

Therapeutic Drumming

Utilizing the HealthRHYTHMS empowerment drumming protocol, this four-week drum circle utilizes an Integrative Therapy designed to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and improve mood. Handouts on research and efficacy of the protocol will be available to participants.

Got Insomnia?

This 90-minute workshop focuses on a variety of ways to eliminate insomnia through non-pharmacologic therapies that are very effective for most people.


Bibliotherapy is using reading material as a means to alleviate distress and facilitate personal growth. If you:

     Enjoy reading...
     Like discussing ideas with others....
     Will commit to reading  2-3 chapters/week....

Then you will find this five-week Integrative Therapy workshop fun and enriching.


For professionals who would like training in support group facilitation, training seminars are 

available and can vary in length from ninety minute to six-hour workshops.

Training fees range from $120-$200 an hour depending on the length of the training requested.

Contact Sherry Martin, LCSW at 719-505-2879 or 

 for an assessment of your facility's and staff's needs. 



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